Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z)

The Sandy Oaks Planning and Zoning Commission was created by Ordinance 2019-125 in January 2019. It is an advisory body and adjunct to the City Council that makes recommendations regarding amendments to the Master Plan, changes of zoning, zoning ordinance amendments and zoning to be given to newly annexed areas. P& Z shall make recommendations regarding the approval of plats of subdivisions as may be submitted to it for review and other planning related matters.

The P&Z consists of five members owning property in the City and registered to vote. All appointments to P&Z are for 2 year terms.

The Master Plan provides the Mayor and City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, city management and staff, property owners, residents, developers and other community stakeholders with a long-range guide for the future growth of Sandy Oaks. It does not impose another layer of regulations, but rather provides the citizens of Sandy Oaks with the basis for building the city they envision. The Master Plan is an expression of what a community wants, a vision of what it might be. It is a working document representing goals, objectives, assumptions, standards, principles and policies as agreed upon by the citizens of the community.