In 2019, city council approved the creation of scholarship fund to be awarded to graduating seniors residing in Sandy Oaks.  The program produced the very first medal in 2020 which was based on the city logo.  Because of the pandemic, Fiesta was cancelled in 2020 and sales of the medals were very slow.

For the 2021 medal, a contest was opened for all residents of Sandy Oaks with prizes awarded for the winner ($100), 1st runner up ($50) and 2nd runner up ($25).  A total of 8 designs were submitted and the winners were selected by consensus of the city council members during the April 8 2021 meeting.

Congratulations to the three winners:  Citlali Saldana (winning design), Cesar Saldana (1st runner up) and Mary Mullinix (2nd runner up).

Medals will be available for sale just in time for Fiesta 2021.

Citlali (right) winning design, and Cesar (left) and 1st runner up

Design submitted by Citlali Saldana

Design submitted by Cesar Saldana


Design submitted by Mary Mullinix